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Giving In To You


7 June
Hey All. I Am A Pierced And Tattooed Princess. I've bBeen Around A While Now, So I Know How Life Is. I'm NOT A Piece Of Meat, So Don't Treat Me Like One. If You Would Like To Talk To Me, Just Leave Me A Little Note Asking For How I Can Be Contacted.

- Ashes To Ashes
Dust To Dust
Where You Find Me
Is Dead In A Pile Of Blood.
Flowing Freely
Ever Present
Living Life As A Lie
Suicide My Only Haven. -

...Blissful Kisses Devoured By Bloody Lies...

60's, 80's, a perfect circle, abortion rights, activism, addiction, alcohol, alfred hitchcock, all night conversations, all sexy clothing, attention, bettie page, blood, bondage, broadway, candles, career, cats, celtic, clubbing, clubs, coal chamber, collars, college, color, corsets, cutting, dead or alive, depeche mode, digital camera, dream theater, drinking., edgar allan poe, emo, eyeliner, faeries, fashion, fetish, fishnet, fishnets, garbage, ghost world, glam, glamour, glitter, glowsticks, goddess, goddesses, goth, goth culture, goth music, goth rock, gothic, gothic literature, graphic art, graver, greek life, hairdye, hairspray, hardcore, horoscopes, independent film, janis joplin, joy division, jthm, life, lilith, local sorority, lollipops, lords of acid, love, magic, magick, magik, makeup, marilyn monroe, metal, movies, music, nailpolish, new age, nin, pagan, paganism, pagans, painting, permanent markers, photography, photos, pictures, piercings, pin-up girls, poetry, politics, pro-choice, psychic, pulp fiction, quizzes, raves, reading, red lipstick, rock, rocky horror picture show, runes, script writing, sculpting, sigma xi delta, silence, sketching, sociology, sorority, special effects, stones, story board, suicide, sun signs, sylvia plath, talking, tarot, tarot cards, tarot decks, tattoos, technicolor, techno, telekinesis, telepathy, the cure, the velvet underground, theatre, tiaras, trance, type o negative, type-o-negative, underground, vanity, velvet acid christ, vintage, voltaire, witch, witchcraft, witches, writing, your left potato, zodiac signs