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Happy 21st B-day To Me!   
12:01am 07/06/2005
mood: drunk
I'm 21. Yay. Party Time.

(Lie To Me)

01:26pm 08/11/2004
mood: calm
Hey All Just checking in and trying to keep this alive. Lots of things are going on as we all know... lots of fun stuff. If anyone reads this contact me as soon as possible so I can pass through some information to you... bye byes

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07:50pm 20/08/2003
mood: sad
Love is a many a splendors thing. Wish I had it with me 24/7. I hate being lonely and all. I miss having people around and stuff.

I really miss K and J. LoL. FLK ALL THE WAY! LoL.

I'm so upset though. 500 dollars for my stupid car. It cost me more than it is worth. I need money. I'm working for nothing so it sucks.

~ Will Do Anything For Money... (Almost Anything)Any Suggestion ~

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Beauty Queen   
05:48pm 19/08/2003
mood: contemplative
Here are the lies we just tell ourselves...

Beauty Queen

Put on your face girls
yet again for the battle
lets all smile.
No one sees past what you look
no one needs to go any deeper
its harder for the facade,
but if you throw up a little more
you will be in that special place.
You all had a taste of it now
but you will all loose
more than you can imagine
this fake new world will crumble
and you will have no arms to fall into
except from your wrinkles
and running makeup.
So make sure to smile to the sky
paste on that happy face
all they want is one of you
but in real life
you are the facade.

This is just a little poem I wrote. I am just sick of seeing everyone put themselves through nonsense just to be "Beautiful". I am not beautiful and I don't want to be. Call me names and I will understand but don't expect me to care. I am stronger than all of you, because I know the value of self. Fade away, pretend that your nothing, because in reality, it's all that you are...

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